5.5.1 Biggest Update In The History of Sensei Format

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Sensei Format 5.5.1 is the largest update in the history of Sensei Format. With this update comes the death of Blender view hotkeys (not really but, still a massive addition) bug fixes, tweaks and a plethora of amazing new free tools. Login and CLICK HERE to download this version.


Updating to this version of Sensei Format will require a complete uninstall and removal of existing Sensei Format versions. If you are installing Sensei Format for the first time, or installing it on a new computer then you may ignore this message. If you are updating from version 5.5.0 or below, you will need to follow the steps directly laid out here: CLICK HERE FOR CRITICAL & DETAILED STEPS ON UPDATING.

The Sensei Format Builder menu has had a makeover along with the addition of many new tools. Quick access to the HD Lighting feature has been added (directly right of Builder's options menu). To the right of that is the new Sensei Format Pocket tool, next to that the "Set Origins" menu has been condensed, and finally at the end rests the all new "Align to Grid" tool (four buttons at the end).

The Builder Clone/Mirror tools have been rehashed and now include the options to bisect-mirror. Setting the option to "Bisect Mirror" then pressing X, Y or Z adds a mirror modifier and automatically, perfectly symmetrically cuts in half one (or multiple) selected objects according to the chosen axis. Tap X, Y and Z all in one go to make crazy objects that perfectly meld and extend in all directions.
Say hello to Pocket! Pocket allows you to easily store and retrieve files instantly with a fun user interface that auto generates thumbnails. Putting things in your pocket is as easy as selecting everything you want to go into your pocket and pressing "Put In My Pocket". Objects can be brought into the 3D View by clicking on a thumbnail. That's all there is to it. No special rules about saving, or generating thumbnails.

Everything is taken care of automatically. You can save objects using mat caps or with materials, and they'll automatically show up in your pockets the way you saved them. You can create new pockets by pressing the + sign next to existing pockets. Then you can rename your new pocket by clicking on it. You can make as many pockets as you want. There is also a search button (for when you've created a billion pockets).
Pocket has link and edit buttons. When the link button is pressed, objects pulled out of a pocket will be linked. This means you can put the same object in all sorts of different files, then whenever you edit the original one, the file will update and change in all the other locations it was placed. The edit button transfers you directly into the selected pocket file, then just press the back arrow button, the file will be saved and you'll be instantly transported back to whatever you were working on before editing, no manual saving or renaming required.

Pocket handles auto version naming so you can make a bunch of quick variations of things without having to worry about accidentally overwriting something or manually renaming it before putting it into your pocket. So make 40 different swords, instantly saving and viewing them all at once!
An amazing new toolset "Curve-Array" has been added making the creation of automatically extendable tracks intuitive and easy. Select one or many objects then shift select a curve or path and two new options will appear, "C-Array" and "No Stretch". "C-Array" adds modifiers, and adjusts all necessary settings, allowing the instant creation of items like repeating tracks, belts, roads, ladders, animal spinal columns or anything else you need to organically merge and extend with a curve.

Objects automatically merge, extend and snap to the curve length, whenever the path or curve is extruded. A huge advantage with this tool is that it automatically adjusts transform values to ensure everything works together in harmony to produce expected results.
Whereas "C-Array" is great for organically repeating items, "No Stretch" is ideal for setting up long lines of objects which should not merge, or be distorted in any way, like dominoes, bullet belts, or other repeating items like lamps or small plants found along a road.

"C-Array" and "No Stretch" can be used together to setup amazing automatically extendible tracks that use both, organically merged items (such as roller coaster tracks) and No Stretch items (like track supports or lighting fixtures). Once everything is setup, extruding one point can extend the entire setup in any direction.

This post barely scratches the surface of updates for Sensei Format 5.5.1. Click here to see the Sensei Format update log...

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